Review and amend the above.

Start a debate about free speech and what it means. Do away with the New Labour outrage that says that free speech is fine but only in moderation. Trust that a society of adults can handle religious, racial and sexual differences, even though this sometimes means 'offence'.

Why is this idea important?

I think nothing has done more damage to the UK over the whole three terms of Labour than a near-complete erosion of free speech. When I could think of one concept that summarises the New Labour experiment, it would be 'offence'.

These days, every Tom, Dick and Harry gets 'offended' at the merest hint of ridicule or criticism. Criticising a person for anything might land you in big trouble if the person happens to be black, gay, handicapped or Muslim, and decides to 'take offence'.

I am also scandalised to live in a country where a bunch of hateful Muslims can walk unhindered through central London with placards reading 'Behead those who insult Islam', while some lone Christian preacher is arrested because he 'insults' gays.

This is a world completely gone bonkers. If you the government could do one thing to restore this country to sanity, it would be to do away with this Stalinist craziness that has done more damage to race and inter-religious relations and fostered more suspicion and hatred than a shipload of Louis Farrakan clones.

We either have free speech or we don't. I implore you to repeal these nannying, hugely damanging laws and regulations.

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