the HRA needs a radical review, properly defining its overall role and its relation to other legislation. Its present form is so all-embracing and ambiguous as to effectively render virtually anything legal or illegal and prsent unlimited scope for politically-motivated harassment and criminalisation

Why is this idea important?

because as it stands, it is a pernicious and unlimited piece of legislation, drafted to provide scope for making mischief by the beaurocracy created to enforce it.

There is a fundamental problem at present, by which it is effectively being used to harass and criminalise the indigenous population and favour particular immigrant groups. NuLab opened the floodgates and allowed entry to large numbers of alien cultural groups for reasons of political ideology and electoral gerrymandering, 

its impossible to see how any serious debate on this subject can be held, since the effective function of the HRA as currently applied, is to stifle this debate.

Its successor should be equally applied to ALL residents of the UK, all the time, or not at all.

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