Anyone holding a raffle is supposed to register and get permission. On tickets of larger raffles you will see the name and the address of the promoter. Most raffles however are quite small and involve generic raffle tickets bought from stationers, involve relatively few people and may only last a few hours for the duration of an event. The requirement to register is largely ignored in practice by the general public for these smaller raffles, so you may as well remove the law which states that the raffle shoudl be registered.

Why is this idea important?

Raffles are almost always for good causes and charity and should not be hindered. 

They build community spirit and are an important part of British tradition.

The general disregard for the laws on registration make it clear that the public wil is against this law.

Given that the law is regualrly flouted in any case it makes sense to remove the requirement to register for small raffles.

For larger raffles which go on for a period of weeks, or with high value prizes, then perhaps there might still be a case for registration, but it would be good to exempt raffles which

1. take place only on one day, not have specially printed tickets, and

3.are in aid of a good cause or charity and not for personal profit.i

This will stop people all over the country regualrly breaking the law.

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