Children are starting 'school ' (in various guises) far too early in this country.  Many (most?) are receiving a peudo-education in nursery, pre-nursery(!) reception classes etc.  It is little more than child-minding (important in the right context).  

There is no firm evidence that ealy, structured learning has any long-term positive impact on future sucess in later years.  Children need to be intellectually ready for 'academic-style' instruction and learning.  In fact it can be damaging.  Children are in school now for 15 years!! – no wonder many lose interest in their teen years.

Many countries, that are superior in academic sucess, start their state schooling at 6 and 7 years of age.  In USA and some European countries, including Scandanavia, it is 6.  In Germany and most eastern European countries it is 7.  Korea, very high in educational rankings,starts at 7. Are thier economies suffering?  No!

To raise the age would remove an 'army' of people who are in the business of 'early education', who are irrlevant to rasing such young children.  It would also cut billions of pounds off the Education budget; enough to soften the forthcoming Government "cuts" considerably.

Bring back voluntary 'Playschool' – properly administered of course.

Why is this idea important?

It would improve children's 'educational experience'.  Early education is far from that.  Social encounters and freedom of expression, through art, play etc are far more important in child development.  It would save a lot of confusion in the state education system.  It would save billions of pounds and ease the burden on tax payers.  It was set up as a baby-sitting provision for parent washing to work.  People need to make their own life choices and fund them accordingly.

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