Increase speed limits on all dual carrageways from 70 – 80 and on motorways to 100.

Why is this idea important?

There seems to be a confusion in the minds of some people.  Some say that fast driving is the same as dangerous driving.  We have all been stuck behind some slow person, which is surely as risky as it encourages others to overtake sometimes inappropriately. 

One of the main factors in accidents is fatigue.  Hence if the speed limits are increastd, then journey times are shortened, less likely to get tired and less likely to crash.

It seems that there is a rush for things to get faster, high speed rail links, faster planes etc, lets have the same for drivers.

One Reply to “Raise motorway speed limits”

  1. Whitevanman… does that say something to you….. It speaks volumes as to where he is coming from.. Why bother with just 100 mph when many vehicles are designed to exceed that limit by half again so why have a speed limit at all. Perhaps its because we are not all like Whitevanman.

    He complains about being stuck behind slower drivers…. Is that going to change no its not. Just recently HGVs were allowed to drive at 50 mph on A and B roads an increase in speed from 40 mph. This was done for 2 reasons. It was considered that it would be safer as fewer dangerous overtakes would be make by car drivers trying to overtake the slower moving vehicle and 2. The law was felt to be held in contempt by HGV drivers who just couldn’t give a dam about the law and therefore broke it as when they felt like it. Now that’s ok the law has been changed but I find as a drive on A and B road that HGV driver will now drive at or over the legal limit or 50 or even 60 mph.

    You just cant win with some people.

    One must remember that a HGV will probably take 2 or 3 times the time and distance to stop in the event of an emergency. Doesn’t bear thinking about the carnage that it can create as it ploughs into car drivers

    Thats road safety gone mad.

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