As a current professional driver (and former police officer), I believe serious consideration should be given to raising the upper speed limit from 70mph to 80mph (or even 90 mph).  Most drivers can be observed on any day of the week,  travelling at 80 mph – when not restricted to the 50mph "average speed" in the multitude of road works enforced by cameras. 

Why is this idea important?

If the limit was one which the vast majority of drivers believed to be fair and appropriate then it is more likely to be observed.

It is not speed that kills, but bad driving.

Speed should always be appropriate to all conditions relevant at the time:  weather / road surface / traffic volume etc,  but the fact that the general motorist pretty much takes 80 mph as the “unofficial” upper limit should be taken on board.

Vehicle technology has also advanced considerably since the time when I believe Margaret Thatcher first introduced the 70mph as a TEMPORARY measure.

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  1. You may find a useful resource on this topic. One of the site’s findings is that the safest drivers are those who travel at the 85th percentile; On Motorways, this would be between 85 and 90mph. Personally, I would support your idea.

  2. NOT AT ALL STUDY SHOWS THAT MOST WRECKS ARE CAUSED BY drunk drivers!!!!!! not the uncapable

  3. It’s a good idea it’s just too many drivers think they can use the overtaking lanes for no reason and cause accidents, congestion and road rage. There’s no way people will be able to consistently do 80mph if current trends continue with lane discipline.

  4. A lot of driver do 70 on the inside lane nowadays and many drivers do 80 on the outside lane,. its not so much the speed its the distance that many get wrong every time. At 70 mph in the slow lane the Full stopping distance of a normal car would be 3 seconds and take 315ft to stop. That’s about the distance of the small white marker post apart those with red and blue paint mark on them. If traffic stayed that distance apart we would not have the tailgating that we currently have and with greater visibility and space all would enjoy a safer journey.

    There would be no need for an overtaking vehicle to pull in only 25ft in front of the overtaken vehicle. They should remain in their lane until it is safe to pull in without causing discomfort or anger on the part of the overtaken driver.

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