My idea is to remove the current speed limit of 15 mph on electric bicycles and, if necessary, replace it with a 20 mph limit.

Why is this idea important?

Electric bicycles help the environment, congestion and people's health. They are on the verge of becoming a realistic urban transport option. But they are prevented from making headway by the current regulation that limits their speed to 15 mph. Electric bicycles are technically capable of reaching 20 mph, conventional cyclists can easily reach 20 mph, and 20 mph is becoming the standard speed limit in many urban areas.

One Reply to “Raising the speed limit on electric bicycles”

  1. Absolutely. Anything eco friendly needs a boost.
    Free charging points for electric bikes please. What about a standardized battery size that people could exhange in shops like people do with bbq gas bottles.
    The penalties for stealing or damaging a bicycle should also be increased and taken very seriously.

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