It's seems really stupid to keep banning each and every legal high as they are released only for "chemists" to release slightly different drugs to replace them in the "legal high" shops.

I mean people have been using Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstacy etc for YEARS, admittedly they have their downsides and side effects, but at least we have DECADES if not centuries of experience with them and their effects.

With the "real" drugs being illegal we're simply driving "chemists" to create more "legal highs" drugs which we don't know much about, which have little to no testing and are completely new to the human body and the law system.

Why is this idea important?

If revellers and party-goers could get hold of drugs (which have been certified by the drugs advisory board as LESS DANGEROUS THAN ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO) such as cannabis and ecstacy legally, pay tax on them and have the quality / purity regulated by a government agency there would be NO NEED for anyone to be making untested, new, possibly far more dangerous "legal highs".

Although how, when the evidence of "deaths caused by the drug" was formally discredited (the bodies didn't have a trace of methadrone in them), a ban on methadrone can stand, is beyond me.

Still, if the real drugs many of us have been taking for decades were legally monitored and regulated there would be no need to be trying all these strange new chemicals.

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