Give people on benefits ration books for food, they can either be used in all supermarkets, or better still the government could set up there own stores alongside job centres instead of handing out money ,re name it food support, instead of income support, Vouchers can be issued for gas, electric , and rent. If there are children in the household the ration book can include a leisure centre voucher for a free swim a week keeping children active. why give people an income when they do nothing to earn it. We have to start making life tuff for those claiming income support, You should not be able to afford luxuries when you dont work for it.

Why is this idea important?

Many people these days are opting out off working for a living, and claiming benefits instead, life is pretty good on benefits. They get to go to bed when they like, they get up when they like, they always seem to find money for flat screen tv's, smoking, drinking, drugs, It's the children that are suffering fed on junk food, make the benefits system less attractive and fewer people will want to stay on benefits.

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  1. This idea make more sense than pontlessly handing over my hard earned tax contribution for the wasters in society to spend on anything other than trying to better themselves and get a job. I work dam hard and am fed up with the people who dont appreciate that I can’t spend all the money I earn on treats for my family, because I have to pay to support theirs.

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