Having served in the Police Service as a Police Constable for over 32 years I have seen a marked change in the way that careers/promotion have changed the way in which Policing is carried out.

I would like to propose that a change is made in looking at the rank structure within the Police service with a view to making the most of people skills as they develop within the service.

At present the rank structure includes both the Chief Inspector rank and Chief Superintendent rank. I would propose that these ranks are done away with and the workload is shared with the other ranks.

A Police Constable as he/she approaches the 25year mark should be promoted to Senior Constable at which time he/she receives the top pay scale for a Constable. This Senior Constable would then take on some of the supervisory duties of the next rank. this would allow the Segeant to take on some of the Inspectors work.  This would allow the Inspector to share the workload of the now defunct Chief Inspector with the Superintendent. The Superintendent would then share the workload with Assistant Chief Constable.

Although this sound simplistic I feel that it should be looked at seriously as the wages that all ranks within the Police Service receive are quite rightly above what other people in the private or public sector receive, however like every other form of service the higher up the ladder you go the further you aare from the shop floor.

As Chief Inspectors earn around £60,000 and Chief Superintendents around £80,000 this would mean a substantial saving in wages not only for each individual force but if implemented nationally would be well into many millions of pounds.

Why is this idea important?

This idea could save millions of pounds if implemented nationally and would go some way to ensure that the Police Service maintains contact with the Public and does not become a career orientated employment.

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