Too often the Vagrancy Act is used as a "catch all", when a person cannot be charged with a specific offence. It is an Act which in the 21st century is entirely redundant. It targets those in need of care, not punishment.


The concept of "being abroad without adequate funds" in a "cashless" society is properly open to ridicule.

Often those against whom this Act is targetted are those who have genuinely fallen upon hard times. They need help not a criminal record. If ever there is a need to demonstrate that we are indeed a caring society; it can be achieved by repaling the Vagrancy Act

Why is this idea important?

The Vagrancy Act is part of the statute book which has long passed its "use by date". It is offensive to Civil Liberties to retain it and other legislation of this ilk. Why stigmatise those who most need our help?

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