Either make the CRB and Vetting scheme work fairly, or drop them.

Why is this idea important?

If you take part in community then you'll need CRB checks – two or three or more every few years depending on how many organisations you join – helping out at a local church, St John Ambulance, Scouts, sports…

Some or many activities, certainly St John Ambulance work, will come under the protection of the new vetting scheme. This scheme is a "Guilty until proven innocent". Most surprisingly it does not replace CRB checks, so they are still needed. 

We live in a world that is paranoid, where adults' interaction with children has to be stunted and monitored and we are always looking over our shoulders or double checking that we cannot be in a situation where we might be accused of something.

The current system makes adult helpers almost afraid to do the work. The slightest accusation whether a misunderstanding or malicious can put a whole life of voluntary activity at risk. For some it can cost their jobs.

I've met a child who uses the threat of malicious accusation against anyone he disagrees with. Fortunately someone who openly threatens to cry wolf becomes known for it and his threats carry no weight.

I question the benefit that these policies have. While I agree that it is nice to know that those working with children have no previous criminal record, how much abuse has it prevented? How much occurs in the public space (often surrounded by potential witnesses) against how much occurs in private, within the family?

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