I strongly belive that Cannabis should be reclasified to a class "C" Drug and for the UK to follow the example of other developed countries such as Canada, USA(Calafornia), and the Netherlands by allowing those who are severly in pain and the terminaly ill acsess to cheap, effective pain relief with little or no side affects. Infact in the sad cases of those people who have Cancer, Cannabis has a positive effect by releving pain, other symptoms and increasing body weight. This could be done by simply visiting a GP Practice and the GP issuing a certificate which allows members of the public to purchase cannabis(Cannabis Dispensary), posess, grow and use legaly to relive pain.

This reclasification could also free up UK Drug Enforcment Agencys time and cut expenses and allow the relevent agencys to tackle real drug offenders.

Cannabis has no or very little side effects and cannot be used in such a way to overdose and as such is not a drug that is associated with any fatality(s). 

Why is this idea important?

Cannabis is a very importiant drug to alot of the terminaly ill, those progresive illneses like MS and Cancer. If it was declasified then this would free up the Police, Drug Enforcment Agencys and other departments time and money. This could be money spent on dealing with Class "A" drug offenders and abusers and save this country millions. If Cannabis was declasified then the on street pushers and dealers who sell Cannabis would dissapear and we would see a resulting fall in the crime figures. 

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