Adopt the policies outlined in the Transform publication "'After the War on Drugs:
Blueprint for Regulation'- Nov 12th

There is a growing recognition around the world that the prohibition of drugs is a counterproductive failure. However, a major barrier to drug law reform has been a widespread fear of the unknown, just what could a post-prohibition regime look like?

Why is this idea important?

The war on Drugs is an expensive Failure.

The Illegal trade in drugs creates crime – not the substances themselves.

The knock on effects on gun crime, gang warfare, theft, cause damage to us, both individually and as a society.

If we cannot control drugs in prisons what hope do we stand of controlling them in the wider public environment?

The most effective way to control Drug usage is by controlling and regulating supply by the use of liscenced premises and qualified practitioners – not by delegating this to criminals.

An end of drug prohibition would save Millions in enforcement, and give the potential for significant income though taxation on the distribution of substances, National Insurance and Income Tax of those involved in the industry.

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