Police recruitment has been from a very low level and to fullfill very limited expectations from officers and public alike. This must be improved as a matter of urgency. New standards must be set and driven forward to achieve a much more educated and civilised police force (not service).

Why is this idea important?

Police have massive powers and the option to use them to make life hell for some and unpleasant for most. This must be curbed through recruitment of a better class of person. Education and training must be upgraded to reflect civilised expectations and cultural improvement. There must be a proper officer class with morals to suit and dedication assumed at all times. The police must be so trained and their service discipline instilled to assume that they can operate without political and ideological inputs and influences.

The police are definitely not a service: they must be returned to the idea that they are a force or a formation specialised in the profession and practice of policing. Police must not be allowed to think of themselves as an elite, rather they must have it instilled that they provide a public force to maintain high standards of behaviour for themselves and those whom they police. The importance of police is on a par with the public, no more. Their role is that of example and dedication to service at all times and in all situations.

Police should have considerable discretion so that they can act without their motives and actions being called into question and doubt by senior officers as in the cases where police have stood by and watched a boy drown because they were not "authorised" to go into water and save him. 

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