Making it easier for businesses and small businesses to recycle by making it legal and acceptable for businesses to take recycling to public recycling sites. 

Why is this idea important?




Businesses face additional charges for recycling. Most businesses see this additional charge as a needless cost and so consequently DON'T recycle therefore more rubbish is thrown away as part of the weekly collection and recycling isn't increased.

Recycling should be a standard part of everyday life – people are encouraged to do it at home, and everyone I know – even though they don't have a council recycling collection, will collect materials and make their personal responsibility to take their collection to public recycling sites.

This should be extended to businesses too. Businesses are charged for recycling – why is this? 

Ok so businesses make a lot of money and can probably afford to pay these charges. But medium-smaller businesses, especially during this recession and VAT increase next year, will see any additional costs such as this a waste of money – especially as the council make general rubbish collections anyway… I believe most company directors/accountants think: Why pay for an additional recycling collection when there's a general rubbish collection anyway? Why not chuck the recycling out with the general waste and save some money by not paying for a recycling collection. 

I don't think this is good enough. Small businesses can't even take waste to a recycling site… We phoned the local council this morning and were told this, and the following. Neither can individual employees take their own recycling from work home with them to put in their home recycling.

It's all about we can't do this, we can't do that unless we pay extra for it…

Well most companies would turn round and say – it's an extra cost, and we aren't paying it…

Considering we are trying to decrease the amount of waste going in to landfill, I can't help but think that not enough is being done to encourage businesses to do this.

I know and understand that to operate a recycling scheme, it puts added demand on local councils whose responsibility it is collect waste and recycling.

In an ideal world, all businesses should be treated like residential homes and have a recycling collection as well as a general waste collection – as part of the annual council tax and rates that businesses pay to their local councils.

But councils are under pressure – and extra collections mean extra staff etc…

So my proposal is this as above. Make it legal for businesses to take recycling to public recycling sites.

Let's face it – paper is the number one recycling waste item for businesses… Hardly a complicated or complex waste item – yet there are so many restrictions for us as employees to recycle it … And yes, even though we try to operate a 'paper-less' workplace – sometimes paper needs to be printed, scribbled on, drawn on etc… 

The employees i work with are desperate to start recycling the masses of paper and card we generate here. Already we recycle toner and ink cartridges, we want to start recycling glass, tins, plastic too – but there's nowhere legal for us to dispose of these items… Unless we break the law by taking them home to dispose of in our residential recycling collection.

Why not make it easier for businesses to recycle at public recycling sites..? Just by saying, 'businesses may use public recycling sites for recycling' – means that certainly here at my workplace – there is an opportunity for us to collect, and take recycling somewhere…


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