The Packaging Waste Regulations should be amended to simplify the return along the lines of the WEE regulations.  The Packaging return takes me hours to complie and the records and checks I need to keep and make are time consuming and laborious. For a single box of product I have to account for the cardboard the box is made of, weigh the strapping around the product, weigh the staples in each box, weigh any stretch film around the pallet the box is on and then weigh the pallet the box came on as well.

We as a business re-use all our cardboard packaging until it can be used no more then it is collected by a recycling company – which we have to pay for. As much other packaging waste is also re-used and then recycled – again at our expense.

We then have to pay an annual registration fee for the membership to the body for submitting the return and then we have to pay a quarterly fee based on our return on how much packaging we have bought in the year regardless of what we are doing within the business to re-use/recycle.

Seems to me that again and again it is business is paying over and over for unecessary stastistics.

As a business we do not buy packaging we do not need – we can't afford to operate in this way. We cannot import goods from overseas or export products overseas without packaging – they would be destroyed.

Why are we constantly having to pay increased uncessessary costs (which we have no choice about) when we are trying to keeps our costs to a minimum to keep the business going and provide employment to the local community.

Please can we stop this unnecessary burden on businesses.

Why is this idea important?

Business has a hard enough time keeping going at the moment without the unecessary burdens imposed on it by these regulations in which we have no choice.

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