Stop the necessity of having a separate CRB check for every place of employment /Voluntary organisation.  I currently work for 4 employers involving visiting schools.  I now have 4 current CRB documents – all issued within the past 6 months.  It would be appropriate to renew a CRB check annually.

Why is this idea important?

The amount of bureaucracy involved in producing and checking the documentation is incredibly wasteful both in terms of time and money.  My details have been checked four times very recently involving someone being paid to check the same information and to produce and send to me the same document – just with another employer's name on the front.  Why cannot ONE document be issued which can then be shown to an employer who can then issue me with a badge (which they do anyway) with my CRB registration recorded on it.  This single document could be renewed at whatever interval the Government thought appropriate (annually?).  This would save money for employers  who have to pay for the issue of the documents and the government who pay for documents for volunteers.

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