This weekend there were miles of queues on either side of the Dartford Tunnel/Bridge, simply due to weight of traffic wqaiting to pay the toll.. The Blackwall Tunnel southbound was closed.

My idea is that when the queue reaches a pre-set length – say 1 mile – traffic should be allowed through free, until the queue has reduced to an acceptable length, eg 200 metres.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is that in these financially straightened times, the tunnel/bridge would still make a decent profit – but not at the expense of keeping people waiting for hours. At present, this is a one-sided revenue raiser to the point of being abusive of the motorist and the environment.

The idea would save a fortune in lost productivity and stress, and be beneficial to the environment, ie reduced emissions. Revenue would be largely protected but the worst adverse consequences would be removed.

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