be able to build any military device we need in the UK.  Invest in UK research

and production, not pay (over a weapons platform lifetime) literally tens of billions to

American companies.

Why is this idea important?

Because we are an island. Because we need to reduce expenditure but protect ourselves. Because innovation which dominates commercial markets has been very often initiated in defence research (DARPA, the Internet etc).  Because our dependency on US (Trident etc) is far too high and far too costly. Because we need good jobs for graduate engineers in THIS country. because we dont seemed to have learned much since the "brain drain" of the 1960's. Because Brits have great ideas but cannot get research funds to tune and implement them. Because we are trapped between being a poodle of the USA or a poodle of the EU. because we have the best soldiers and often let them down with very average kit. because Defence procurement at present is a joke, more people in MOD than one the front line. (Many contracts are unnecessrily slow and expensive because of many layers in the contract…main contractor, sub contractor, sub sub contractor etc)

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