It would be good to see the government willing to hear ideas on how it may amend its own regulation – based on the users of its services!

One area in which there is a ridiculous amount of red-tape is the HMRC tax credits system.

Having recently renewed my tax credit claim, I note that they sent two 6 page letters to my address (joint claim and both letters were sent in joint names) to inform me of the need to renew. When I phoned to renew I was informed they had carried out a credit check on me and that I must answer questions based on that check in order to access my account (they asked about my mobile phone and other payments I had recently made – what if I had not been certain of the amounts?!). I was then provided with 2 security questions for my account – not ones of my choosing, ones of their choosing…things they say apply to everyone and that everyone remembers!

What are my security questions?

1) What was my first ever holiday

2) what was the first film I ever saw at the cinema

Neither question was appropriate to me but answers to both are compulsory and must be remembered – if I forget the answers to these imposed questions (answers I had to make up because I didn't have genuine answers to give!) then my claim will be stopped and I will have to take my passport to my local tax office and request that they re-start my claim.

Finally, having successfully renewed my claim, I received a further 2 letters informing me of that fact.

This is a ridiculous set up and needs amendment – it would save both time and money.

This is only one example – I could give you a list as long as your arm of where savings could be made and where regulation needs to be amended!




Why is this idea important?

This sort of regulation and amendment is important because the amount of money wasted by the government and its associated bodies is obscene! If savings were made in this area there would be slightly less need to cut costs in other areas.

The government should look at itself before taking action against others.

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