All 'soft' university courses extending more than 3 years (including 'on the job experience') should be reviewed for

i) actual face to face student – teacher teaching time

ii) amount of free time students get during university term time. There should not be much or any of this. 

There are many students who have no intention of ever paying back their student fees and they are stating this intention quite openly.

Stop using university as a method of keeping people off the dole queue  

There are students on 4 year courses at Birmingham Conservatoire. Parents of these students don't understand why these 4 years are full of lots of time off – and neither do I.

Why is this idea important?

It is important that some sense is applied to the current system – if it takes 5 years of hard work to produce a graduate doctor – fine.

Why should the tax payer pay for a student for 4 years to produce a graduate flautist when 2 years of a truly full time course actually would suffice?

Media, music and other soft courses should be reviewed and adjusted. 

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