The Guardian was gagged by London solicitors Carter-Ruck from reporting a question in Parliament about Trafigura's rôle in African oil pollution.

Scientific journalist Simon Singh was sued by the Briitish Chiropractics Association for his sceptic newspaper article, with crippling legal costs threatening his right to publish critical analysis.

Let's support Lord Lester proposed Defammmation Bill and stop those attempting to use English law and legal fees being used to hinder freedom of speech and journalistic reporting.

Why is this idea important?

If big business and vested interests gag scientific analysis and reporting, then the public will never have a balanced view on the merits and demerits of a particular product, belief or claim.

A lot of money is being made by business selling products that have no underpinning evidence based research and making money of enforced ignorance of the facts.

Let scientific and investigative journalist research their topic, public and discuss their findings with the public rather than being gagged because it embarasses a rich client able to afford multi-million pound legal fees.

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