The last government increased minimum holiday allowance per year to 28 days which was supposed to allow for the bank holidays. I would like it to be repealed.

We're a hair salon – a very labour intensive business – and this has had a major effect on our business.

  1. with a staff of 18 this has meant we now have to pay 360 days of extra holiday (18*20) – effectively another member of staff who we could have employed but now can't afford to.
  2. Also as a business that doesn't opperate just Mon-Fri this causes us a problem. Some of my staff never work a Monday and so they get an unfair advantage over those who do – (there are four bank holiday Mondays?) The ones who would work the bank holiday get paid and have their holiday for the day another day but the ones who don't work the holiday also get an extra day's holiday and don't have to work which isn't very fair. Then if we start discussing parttime staff who don't work Mondays the situation becomes even crazier.
  3. In my view the market should be left to determine holiday allowances over the previous 20 day minimum. If you aren't a good empoloyer and don't look after your team they won't stay with you and you won't be successful. We provide many perks for our team but an extra 8 days of holiday is just too much especially in these lean time.
  4. Also remember that althought we try to run our business by the book many salon owners, take cash out of their businesses and pay their staff in cash which gives them and their staff an unfair advantage over us legitimate businesses. We've always taken the view that to compete against these underhand businesses we have to be legal but lean.
  5. the rise to 20% VAT will also hit us very hard.

Why is this idea important?

  • it will allow employers to be able to employ more people.
  • it will reduce costs on our businesses
  • which will help safe guard jobs
  • it's all very well increasing holidays to 28 days when times are good but this could cause more businesses to fail when times are bad and more people to be claiming income support.
  • i don't believe the impact of this measure was full thought through by the last government.
  • Employees who do not feel looked after by their employers will leave to find a better job – this is the safety mechanism built into the system.

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