Minimise the amount of paper used by govt bodies and councils.

For example – evey time the DWP writes to a customer – 3 pages of A4 paper are used and there is often an accompanying booklet. This could very easily and simply be reduced to 1 or 2 sides of A4, and details of how to get the booklet/information (if it is needed).

The same is true for Housing and Council Tax benefits, whenever a change is made departments send out masses of paper, and often cancel/ or put claims on hold, this also has a knock on effect and a Council Tax bill is then sent out. The council tax bill is usually wrong since the change has not been reviewed yet and properly implemented.

When the change has been properly reviewed fresh paperwork is sent (often of many, many pages) and another council tax bill is sent. Many claimants whose circumstances change due to children getting older and/or moving into work/education etc have received 7 or 8 wrong council tax bills per year. Apart from the waste of paper, postage etc this is a complete waste of staff time.

I am sure many other departments would benefit from very simple reviews of paper and processes.

Why is this idea important?

It will reduce waste, both of paper and time.

It will help meet targets to reduce carbon usage.

it will simplify processes and help ensure that vulnerable people get their correct benefit entitlements, thereby reducing stress and worry.

It will reduce the number of people made homeless due to problems with the benefit system.

it will improve staff productivity and workplace environment.

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