Non experts within local council planning departments are asked to decide for or against new renewable energy projects without taking national requirements into consideration. This usually means lengthy and expensive delays in government inspectors making reports to the Secretary of State for decisions.

If the government want clean sustainable energy and a reduction in emissions, which is mandatory, then all local authorities should be bound to honour their commitment to the Nottingham Declaration for carbon reductions – not find excuses in archane planning rules which support 'Not in my backyard'

Larger schemes (50MV+) are not part of local decision making, neither should private smaller projects – which are the majority.

Why is this idea important?

Energy generation is one of the four key requirements for all life. It is lost on most people who do not understand the precarious state of our electricity grid system. Old fossil plants must be replaced within ten years, hopefully by new clean renewables; waiting for the public to accept new infrastructure will be too late. Councils are ill equiped or ignorant of the serious nature they are asked to judge, pandering to a well heeled vocal minority.

These schemes benefit the whole country – all parts of the nation should take equal responsibility – make it compulsory not discressionary.

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