The presence of dogs in a pub or other food eating area is no more unhygienic than the people that enter, yet dogs are banned willy-nilly from many pubs and eating-places. This reduces usage and therefore undermines the viability of the premises. I have dined in France with the owners' dogs resting their heads on my knee in restaurants, and have suffered no ill-effects. The over-regulation of food and drink premises is a major nonsense, but pales into insignificance as a lunacy when a sports shop claims that dogs are not allowed on grounds of health and safety.

Cut the red tape and make the premises the responsibility of the owner, not a local authority employee.

Why is this idea important?

We are allegedly a nation of dog lovers, but this is clearly untrue. The creeping legislation that has undermined our rights in this area is insidious and malicious, with little tangible evidence on which to base it.

Given what is alleged to happen in many public kitchens it is absurd that well-behaved dogs, on the floor, are not permitted in shops, pubs and dining areas.

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