I think the stupid law that says you need a licence to take non-hazardous household, domestic and commercial waste should be abolished.

The law that says farmers need an exemption certificate from the Environment Agency in order to spread farmyard manure on their fields or have it collected should be scrapped too.  

And its about time they brought in a Hazardous Waste Amnesty for farmers so that they could dispose of all their long-stored half empty containers of  toxic, flammable and hazardous pesticides, weedkillers,  rodenticides, paints and wood preservatives without risk of prosecution for not having made the time to dispose of it in 2007.

Why is this idea important?


My idea is important because waste is going to be created as long as there are humans on this earth so why don't we focus on what we are going to do with it rather than trying to stop people disposing of it responsibly?  The government was being greedy trying to make money out of commercial waste, knowing full well that however much they charged for its disposal it was still going to be generated.  

Bring Back Bonfires!   They've banned domestic bonfires in many counties so people can't burn their garden rubbish legally anymore.  They want us to plant more trees but don't seem to have thought about what to do with the annual clippings. Not everything can be composted and not every council has a composting/shredding centre.

Merge Health & Safety Executive with the Environment Agency
Law abiding trademen, householders and farmers are trying to keep their homes and workplaces clean, tidy and safe (in accordance with Health & Safety regulations) but are penalised with unnecessary paperwork, licences and fines for doing so by the Environment Agency.   I think the HSE and the EA should be merged into one organisation as they are currently working in the same arenas but from different angles to the detriment of the public.

Stop Demanding Money to Tip Waste
Flytipping is on the increase because independent tradesmen don't want to pay for licences to dump waste at municipal tips.   The staff who run the tips say anybody in a van is a trader so householders who might have a van for work (but aren't traders) and want to dump domestic waste get sent away because they don't have the appropriate licence.  So people just dump their garden or household rubbish on bridlepaths, footpaths, up the woods and in field entrances.   The public then have to report the flytipping and the council send a pair of men in a van out to collect it – and take it to the dump that turned it away in the first place!    How stupid and expensive is that!

No More Muck Licences:  Farmers can be fined for spreading their own cows' muck onto their own fields unless they've filled out the appropriate paperwork.   They also have to fill out forms if they have the muck taken away or have a skip in to take away rubbish from barns and outbuildings.

Agricultural Chemical Waste Amnesty:  Many farmers have containers full of toxic and hazardous chemicals stored on their land and don't want to throw them out because of the risk of penalty for failing to register for Exemption Certificates with the Environment Agency by the deadline three years ago.   There needs to be a six month Chemical Amnesty where they can have unwanted containers removed safely without risk of being fined.



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