some of these practitioners are wonderful but many are not. the latter group benefit from the umbrella heading of the former. like any sector of society, there are members that abuse their positon, they work minimally, often not turning up for appointments, rounds, etc. they do not support their colleagues.

these people are clever people, they have got the training place that 5 – 10 people competed for – they are doing this because they want to – there are not places for medicine in clearing at university. they have many opportunities to make good money outside of their job – private work, lectures, drug trials etc etc

much of their work is done by their subordinates – they come in when a situation is really serious and if the outcome is positive – they are the heroes and if it is negative – its not their fault.

for the ones that do a good job, then they should be rewarded – but why so much more than for someone else doing a good job – to the best of their ability? for the ones that don't – they should be weeded out and struck off – there are plenty of others queuing up to do better.

Why is this idea important?

this is important because we need to get back to a fair society.

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