Our economic will be driven in part by re-employing public sector workers in the private sector in the way the coal miners and factory workers were encouraged to start up businesses. Also offer ways for experienced directors of SMEs sideswiped by the 2007-2010 crash to get back on their feet again. This would mean: 

1. Sidestep the banks cowardly decision making by offering direct Govt backed funding/loans through the Govt supported banks

2. No Employers NI for first 3 years of a business, and 20% grants towards hiring graduates or ex public sector staff

3. Exemptions from full reach of employment legislation for 3 years or 10 staff which ever comes first. 

4. Either repeal Companies Act 2006 or make a Lite version for Companies under 10 staff or 500k turnover. Particularly with Directors responsibilities and the processes surrounding Insolvency. Most SME owners have no inkling of their liabilities under this leviathan Act. 

that should help a lot.

Why is this idea important?

If you want fresh growing and regenerative private sector, to replace a significant swathe of public sector taxes and employment then this is the only way to do it.

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