Reduce the tax on AVGAS as aircraft burn lots of fuel a typical 4 seater can burn 40-45 litres per hour.

Why is this idea important?

AVGAS is approaching £2.00 a litre that means for one hour on a typical 4 seater not including insurance maintainence, landing fees, parking fees etc a pilot could just be paying £80-£90 just for the fuel that digs deep in to pockets i have a pilots license at 17 year old and just enjoy flight £2.00 a litre would mean flying time drastically cut for me and many others a flight to france takes about 2 and a half hours thats £200-£225 one way when a ryanair flight is less than £50 return and takes less time but the emissions at higher levels are much more dangerous than the light aircraft user at 5000ft

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