I think the age limit for inviting your spouse should not be 21 it should be reduced back to 18 years of age. If you can get married without your parents permission at the age of 18 no one should stop you from inviting your spouse just because he/she is not a british citizen. Getting married at the age of 18 and inviting your spouse at the age of 21 is a 3 year wait no one should have to wait that long and cut  their spouse out for the first 3 years of their marriage which are meant to be the most special all just because of the law. Thier are people in the world who are happy with thier marriage its just a few that are let downs and because of them others are being punished. The parents are the ones who force thier children thier should be something done against them. This way others wouldn't be suffering people who are happy with thier marriage. I think increasing the age limit to 21 years isn't a good choice for reducing force marriage, the parents arent't going to change if they are going to force thier children they will whether thier age 21 or 29.

Why is this idea important?

The age limit has been reduced back to 18 for the point – based system and the armed forces for them to invite thier spouse. The same should apply to every body no one is more special than anyone else. Nobody should be able to prevent you from inviting your spouse. I think this is very important because the first few years of your marriage are very special to build your relationship up staying seperate is not the answer. When you are working you can only go abroad for a certain amount of time which isn't long enough and you can't get holidays from work verry often either. Anyone should be allowed to live thier husband/wife. I think so action should be taken against the parents this would be more effective than increasing the age limit to 21 years.  Some people can't go abroad because of medical conditions and the hot whether e.g jaundice because of the hot weather it affects your liver.

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