The biulding regulations part P severely restrict what DIY work can be done on domestic electrical installations without the involvement of biulding control.

Prior to the introduction of these regulations, there was on average 1 death per year caused by faulty electrical installation work.

The introduction of these these regualtions have the following negative effects:

The forcing of competent DIY for follow inconvenient and expensive processes in order for work to be lega.

The increase in proffessional overheads of electricians to remain certified to perfom work.

The increase of cost to the customer who merely wishes to empoy a competent handyman to perform work during which minor electrical alterations/installations have to be performed. 

The driving underground of work by uncertified tradesmen who may or may not be competent ,but undercut the certified professional. 

Why is this idea important?

Reguired remedial work which would otherwise conveniently and cheaply be performed by a Competent DIY person my be delayed due to the cost/inconvinence of either employing proffessionals or requireing biulding control inspection.

Proffessionals are forced to charge more for their work in order to cover the overheads of certification, This leads to them becoming vulnerable to being undercut by the illegal uncertified practitioner.

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