1. Reduce the rate of VAT charged on insulation for diy installation in residential properties to the lower rate, currently 5%.

2. Reduce the rate of VAT on double glazing installed in residential properties to the lower rate, in line with other home insulation measures.

Why is this idea important?

The UK needs to be more energy-efficient, and the previous government has rightly introduced tax incentives for insulating residential property, such as charging a lower rate of VAT on certain types of insulation.

Currently, if I pay a contractor to supply and install roof insulation or internal wall insulation, the contractor can charge me VAT at just 5% on both the installation and the materials. Bizarrely, if I want to install insulation myself to save money, I have to pay the full standard VAT rate on the insulation. This anomaly should be removed. Also, installing double glazing is an important part of making many homes energy-efficient, and should attract the lower rate of VAT like other insulation projects.

3 Replies to “Reduce VAT on diy insulation and double glazing”

  1. VAT on Double glazing installation should be scrapped altogether. That will boost the building industry and get britain working again.

    Worst case scenario 5%

    Vat on residential fuels should be scrapped, it hardly a luxury.
    Come on Cameron…… get your act together

  2. on my reading of eu directive 2010 epdb upvc double glazing providing it looks similar to existing windows and frames can and should be fitted to comply with eu directive.

  3. Double glazing and secondry glazing should now come down to 5%, we carry out sash window restorations and fit slim double glazing to sash windows. As a company we can charge 5% vat on the draught proofing and any rot repairs needed on that window to get them functional,but we have to charge 20% vat on the slim double glazing

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