I work for a north west ALMO with some 23000 properties, not asmall almo .  I have worked there for over 20 years and believe that the 2 yr freeze can only benefit both the company and the country.  However, I take exception that if I am prepared to have a freeze on pay why are the company wasting money on unnecessary recruitment.  One group manager was promoted and a permanant manager replaced. Another group manager moved on a temporary secondment and he was replaced by a PERMANANT group manager. There are also discussions to recruit ANOTHER group manager which will be ringfenced, there is already a manager in place to manage the departments this position is supposed to cover. Group Manages salaries are currently in excess of £43000 pa!!!! So basically our pay freeze will be paying for another salary which is not required in the business!!!!

On top of this we are aware there is a freeze on recruitment, this kind of waste needs to be stopped particlarly when people are worried about their jobs and the effect on lifestyle, familes etc.

Why is this idea important?

Someone needs to review the structures and put a stop to spending and think about people, moral, and the effects on the busiiness. 

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