To reduce the employment laws for operators of really small business; employing one or two people.

Why is this idea important?

As a small business owner myself and having employed one or two members of staff in the past, I have found it extremely stressful and complicated to deal with the the hiring and firing of staff due to the emense weight of employment law and regulation on the side of the employee, as the same laws and regulations seem to apply to a business employing 20000 people or just 1. This in turn has put me off employing staff for the the last three years leading to loss of business. If this regulation and law was scaled down and made more simple for firms employing less than say three people then maybe these businesses may be tempted to take on staff where they may be otherwise detered and due to the low threshold of say three peolpe then larger firms would not be able to take advantage of this potential loop hole. Employees would make the decision themselves whether to work for a small business themselves.


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