e have in this country a mind set amongst individuals that they can keep having child after child and the tax payer will pay for them.  This is totally wrong and if you want a large family then you should pay for it. 

I propose that we look at the average family and, if its say 2.4 children, put a cap on the number of children eligable by rounding up to the nearest whole number, in this case 3.  If you want more than the average then you pay for them.  Not us!

I accept that those who have already got large families must be allowed to continue with their current number of children under the old system until they are no longer drawing benefit.  But then we must draw the line in the sand and say "that's your lot.  No more"

Some will say that its every ones human right to have as many children as you want.  I do not disagree with this but its also the individuals responsibility to pay for their family.  Not ours!

I also must state that I believe we should get rid of all child benefit, but I think this proposal is more palatable to the squeamish.  I am a father and I work and pay for me and mine.  I shouldn't be paying, through my taxes, for other's. 

This should help towards population growth reduction and the restraining of the 'baby factories' who are such a drain on society.


Why is this idea important?

The benefits system has encouraged the attitude that people can do what ever they like and with little consequence.  The labour government has nurtured a sector of society that is dependant on benefits and has no concept of personal responsibility.  What ever they do some one will step forward to accommodate their action's, be it financially or materially.  All of this adds up to a substantial sum of money that the tax payer and the government cannot afford.

Babies are not a commodity to be bartered for more money.  Many tax paying families cannot have children or are financially constrained.  The fact that the irresponsible and work shy can boost their incomes by pushing out more babies is totally wrong.  We are just letting them breed more of the same and encouraging the cycle to continue. 

The country could save billions without impacting on responsible people of this nation.

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