Remove the charade of a 'consultation period' for employers wishing to make redundancies. By the time employers have decided they have to cut costs they quickly know who has to go. By making staff sit around for a month suggesting ways of saving money is denegrating to those who will lose their jobs, unsettling for the staff whose jobs are safe and obstructive to employers who want to rebuild confidence amongst those who remain. In a small company, working in a single office, it is an excruciating 30 days that serves no purpose. 

Why is this idea important?

It will allow employers to make people redundant that they choose and do so swiftly, compensating them for their loss of office but allowing the business to continue without interruption. 

The consultation period was devised to protect workers in major firms, but is completely inappropriate in a small company. Employers are never swayed by arguments put forward in consultation – they have already decided who is going, to it's a waste of time and humiliating to the staff whose fate has already been decided. 

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