This system of stop and search I find that it's a breach of the public human rights, I also it could be a case of indesent assult, A friend who was stopped after a night out, was searched and she was threatened to be arrested under the public order act, because she didn't want the male police officer to touch or search her, he told her if she refuses to be searched then she will be arrested under the public order act, So she finally allowed him to seach her and she felt unsafe and unconfortable because his hands paid more attention on her bottom and private areas. She threaten to complain, and asked the officers name and number and he just said you don't need to know my name or number. She felt that in a certain way he searched her in approprate way. Also our police services hasn't got a clue if that person in the pass had been sexually assulted, but they push you into a corner by forcing the public order act into faces of the general public. Which I feel that since the Public order act's has come into force many thousands of innocent people have got a record because our police forces don't comply to the rights and wrongs on stop and searches

Why is this idea important?

I would like this stop and search to be abolished because it's causes people mentally stress also it's no wonder the general public find it hard to have trust, faith or repect for these public services. Also it's no wonder why some of our general public react the way they do against these public bodies

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