I have just watched your message at the front of the page, and for you to say that you will definitely not re-introduce the Death Penalty and Corporal Punishment, really is going against what this website is for really.

You can't just ask people for their views and then when they do produce their views just shove it to one side because you don't like it.

You are a representative of the nation, and these two penalties were taken away without the proper consultation of the general public.

With your own admissions, the prisons are full to bursting, and we are not in a postion to keep building new ones.

The most dangerous view that is being put forward by Kenneth Clarke is to release some prisoners for community service.

The problem with that is the person is not being punished. The law is a laughing stock, because criminals know that they will only get a slapped wrist and don't do it again routine. The next minute, there is another victim of crime by the same prisioner you let out early.

How many people should be brutally attacked, or even murdered, before the government sits up and takes notice that this shouldn't be happening in our society.

People should be able to walk down the street without fearing attack. The blight that the illegal drugs has on the effect on not just the users and families, but of neighbourhoods, with people afraid to the shops, or being afraid of waking up with a man stood over your bed with a machettee, because he is looking for someone that he is going to either maim or murder.

Prisons help to stop these criminals from terrorising our country, however with there not being enough room within prison, you are letting others free to cause mayham again.

With cutbacks looming with the Police and frontline services, people are being left vunerable, and they cannot take the law into their own hands.

Will the public be consulted about the laws you are repealing?

Why is this idea important?

The country should have a choice on issues such as death penalty, corporal punishment, Instead of just  brow beating us all saying that it can never happen.

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  1. best idea of the meliminum & the last one Hang em high they wont do it again then will they.
    The person they did what ever to has to live it for ever or there relations have to so why should they get of with a few years of cusshie life then looked after so they get back in to rape or murder again, sorry back to a normal life!!

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