Building regulations have been left in a mess by Labour. I believe that there are three specific problems:

1. The first is to review and make sensible the requirement for building control inspection for domestic building works. These days you can do almost nothing in your own home without having to pay a lot of money for a building inspector to come and patronise you by reading at you from the rule book. There are of course times when the building inspector is needed and helpful, however their remit has been extended  far beyond common sense. 

2. The second is to alter the fee structure of the building inspectors. The current regime is simply about revenue raising for the local authority and not about value for money. The inspectors charge like architects – i.e. the cost of their visit is proportional to the amount of money you are spending on your project. If you require several visits on a small project their fees can easily run into several thousands, and can be a real burden. This is an unacceptable cost, and a symptom of over-governance.

3. Remove the penalty of committing a criminal offence by proceeding without a building control inspection. It is ridiculous to think of getting a criminal conviction for competently and safely making an alteration to your own home because you did not involve local government. This offence was most likely created to ensure work for building inspectors as part of Labour's Soviet style government job-creation project. Surely the responsibility should lie with the homeowner, as it always has done in the past. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important as it would eliminate much valueless cost and red tape, and returns decision making and responsibility to home owners when improving their own home.

The expansion of the extent, role and cost of government under Labour went completely out of control, and the extent of the reform needed by this reform bill should not be underestimated.

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  1. Perfectly put Sir. Complete utter rip off.
    A Englishmans home is his castle.So keep the Stalinist police state council wallahs out.
    Reduce the Building Regs more red tape rubbish.

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