Commercial landlords need an incentive to ensure it's very expensive to allow shops and other retail premises to lie empty.

There are many people who are would like to use these premises for a start up business, but the cost is prohibitive.

Landlord should be charged five times the usual rateable value on commercial premises, if they lie empty for three months or over. Then ten times rateable value for six months, or over.

This would ensure landlords charged rents and deposits at a far more reasonable price, that would encourage entrepreneurs or even existing businesses to make use of these shops that are often left to rot on our high streets.

Why is this idea important?

It would encourage the private sector and creat many small businesses, and jobs.

It would encourage landlords to make sure their properties were attractive and in good state of repair for the purpose of letting quickly.

Our decrepit high streets would be reformed from the stagnation of empty delapidated shops to a thriving mixture of attractive new enterprises.

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