My idea is that we should reform the political system first of all we should NOT make the winner of the general election win both the parliament and downing street enabling the government to pass legislation and also be in full control of parliament I believe that there should be two votes in a general election,one to elect your local mp and the other vote to decide who the next prime minister is going to be.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important because after what happened with labour where no other party could stand against their ideas or make their voices-which were heard into action because labour had full authoritarian control of the government.I think this coalition is positive in some respects because neither party is fully in control and that if one of the party institutionalize a radical law or bill the other party may decline this results in a delicate equilibrium if you disregard the coalition the current parliament system is broken because if you vote for your local mp you might usher in a whole government without actually voting for that government taking over downing street in the first place.Hence its important because we should not be able to just elect a local mp but we should be able to elect a leader from the Lib Dems the Conservatives or Labour into downing street.

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