Social workers in "child protection" are now reviled throughout the land as "childsnatchers" TAKING CHILDREN FROM PARENTS WHO HAVE NOT BEEN ACCUSED OR CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME WHATSOEVER ! Instead of "helpers" they are known as bullies who intimidate single mothers and whose main intent is meeting "adoption targets" not keeping families together . For ths image to change vital reforms are needed…….;
1:-Abolish the family court secrecy that gags parents who wish to complain.
2:-Abolish "emotional harm" and "risk" as justifications for putting children into care 
3:-Abolish "forced adoption"if a parent opposes an adoption in court
4:-Abolish decisions by family court judges to take babies and young children into care.(let juries decide) 
5:-Abolish the power of social services to regulate and control contact between parents and children , to censor their conversation or to restrict phone calls.The court must control the frequency of contacts.  
6:-Abolish the restriction preventing a lay advisor from presenting a case for parents refused legal aid
7:-Abolish hearsay evidence in family courts and require witnesses to stick to facts without "speculation."
8:-Abolish the removal of children for non life threatening forms of neglect such as absences from school or insanitary dwellings unless a written warning  has been served and the situation has not been remedied.
These reforms would stop most of the present injustices.

Why is this idea important?

The greatest scandal of the age in the UK is the removal of happy healthy children from loving homes who on the decision by a single judge are  forcibly adopted by anonymous strangers,. Their their parents judged to pose "a risk of emotional abuse" are ruthlessly jailed if they dare to protest publicly.

By contrast and equally scandalous is the abandonment of battered and abused children who are poor adoption material and are like baby P callously left to die !

The above reforms would go a long way to restoring the freedom for parents and children to enjoy family life undisturbed,to allow once again freedom of speech,and to generally resore sanity to the presently insane operation of the family courts !

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