A family legal system which fails to acknowledge fathers as having equal status with mothers fails to protect the best interests of children.

We need to "degender" the issue. There should be no presumption that one parent is better than the other. Sometimes the mother will be best, sometimes the father, hopefully both will be able to play an equal and meaningful roll.

We need to remove the notion that simply because one parent has been the child's prime carer that that parent is necessarily more able or more important than the other. The fact that that prime carer frequently prevents the other parent from having contacvt with the child or makes it as difficult as possible needs to be recognised and acknowledged. In such situations the courts allowing this situation to continue is often not acting in the child's best interest at all.

Legal costs are astronomical and this prevents many very willing fathers who wish to be involved with their children from having teh relationship which not only they but the child would like to enjoy.

Tens of thousands of pounds are spent by fathers (predominently) who do not have this kind of money because that is the level of importance they place on their children. 

You can't give anybody their childhood back, you can't give them back the time they have lost with their father growing up. We need to wake up and act NOW. Little wonder people resort to dressing up in super heroe costumes. I don't think that this neccesarily serves the cause well but my word, what else does one  do when nobody ever listens? This is an issue affecting thousands of very loving and capable fathers. PLEASE listen, please address these issues meaningfully. 

Why is this idea important?

It is crucial that family law is changed to give equality to both parents from the outset.  Both should stand equal in the eyes of the law. It should be assumed that they have equall rights as parents regardless of how many nights they spend with either party. Bizarrely this is how the CSA calculate what payments should be made by the non resident parent. It isn't normally the nights which cost, it's the days!

Because a situation has existed for a prolonged period of time eg. the child has been resident with teh mother does not mean that this should continue. It may well not be in the child's best interest for it to continue. You cannot assume that a situation which exists is best for a child because there are no physical scars to be seen. The mental scars of being denied time with a father for no legitimate reason will last a whole lot longer and affect the child into adulthood.

In the USA they are geting to grips with and recognising teh very serious effects of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and hostile aggressive parenting. We need to catch up and fast. Our failure to recognise these conditions does not mean that they don't exist, only that we are doing nothing to deal with it. When the troops returned home at the end of World War II did any of them suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Of course they did. Did we help them?    

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