The current state of The Law relating to illegal drugs is a mess which is ineffective and very costly to administer.


I propose that all drugs and substances declared illegal should be treated equally, and not categorised.

If their use and possession is illegal then severe punishments should be used.

There should be no difference between large or small ammounts possessed or used.

There should be immediate use of the most severe punishment on the first offence.

This should be well publicised, together with information on realistic rehabilitation help.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because the drug problem is getting worse, and driving crime rates up as addicts ensure they can find cash for their habit.

The use of softer treatment and punishments for early offences only ensures that habits and addictions are formed and engrained.

It also gives the message that The Law does not take the problem seriously, so offenders simply laugh at the costly process the Police and Courts put them through, only to, apparently, do nothing.

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