The wholesale reform of Patent and other Intellectual Property Rights laws to ones based upon the principle of a COMMON TREASUARY OF KNOWLEDGE & IDEAS rather than on the individual ownership of intellectual property.

Existing laws are currently hindering the development of ideas and the application of new technology such that many ideas are only developed to the extent that they make sufficient financial return for the IPR holder who then often chooses not to develop the idea further. In many cases the ideas behind patents are not developed at all, but registered to prevent the development of products that could compete with those of the IPR holder. Patents are often held by companies with no intention of making any investment in the idea, but with the hope of claiming royalties from someone else who subsequently develops the idea (often independently).

Why is this idea important?

With the urgent need to develop solutions for the problems that the world’s population will encounter over the next few decades caused by Global Warming and ever increasing population growth, it is imperative that the generation of ideas and solutions to counter these problems are not hindered by the very laws that were originally put in place to enable the development of ideas.

The changes would also act as a catalyst to stimulate the development of ideas generally, both through the ability for more people to get involved in their development (in a similar way to how the GPL has aided the development of open source software) and also by removing the fear of possible litigation that hinders current development.

It would also prevent the ongoing wholesale transfer of knowledge and ideas into the ownership of a limited number of companies and the increased licensing (rather than sale) of items that include their intellectual Property, which further disenfranchise the general public.

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