Three teenagers have been found guilty of subjecting a young woman with learning difficulties to three days of sadistic physical and sexual torture.
Darren Hodgkinson, 18, and girls Chelsea Mills, 16, and Chelsea Williams, 14, bruised their victim so severely that people thought she was black.
Nail varnish and cream were rubbed into the woman’s hair, which was then shaved off along with her eyebrows.

On Friday ringleader Hodgkinson was jailed at Southampton Crown Court for a minimum of four years. Mills was given a two-year detention and training order, and Williams was given an 18-month detention and training order.

Judge Peter Ralls said: ‘This poor woman may never recover from the psychological damage. You picked on her because she was odd and for no motivation other than to satisfy some depraved wish to cause harm.’

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Why is this idea important?

They may be young, but if they are able to commit such heinous crimes – they should bear the consequences. 

I never really agreed to the phrase and I quote: 'an eye for an eye' but this is ridiculous. This could be the reason why there are so many young offenders and re-offenders as they have little fear for the justice system.

Stop protecting those that chose to make those mistakes – let them learn FROM it instead! 4 years? 2-year detention and training order? 18-month detention and training order? They might be barely adults, age-wise, but this does not mean they can have it easy.

The justice system needs to be reviewed. As a result of equity trying to cover up the 'loopholes' of common law, there are even MORE loopholes now.

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