The CRB was put together in haste and was altered later to allow disclosure of information from Police Forces to stop the employment of persons liable to cause harm to children and vulnerable adults. What this meant for tens of thousands of people who had no convictions whatsoever  who may have been arrested and questioned and then released without any charge was an arrest record which was retained by the police and then disclosed to the CRB when an application was made for employment. The result of any CRB check would then disclose that the person was arrested based on allegations brought by anyone who had a grudge but found to be groundless.Any subsequent potential employment applied for would then be subject to review and usually rejected. Many people may not even realise that this information has been disclosed even though they have answered all questions on the CRB truthfully about not having any convictions. I feel that this an infringement of anyones civil liberty and undermines the notion that anyone is innocent until "proven" guilty.

Anyone who has employment which involves coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults are caught in this potential trap which would lead to a possible dismissal from employment and backlisted from any further employment. The range of employment is not restricted to teaching,care or nursing,it can also affect humble taxi drivers and other employment. Employers are obviously in a difficult position and even the mention of an arrest which could be entirely explained will result in a job rejection or possible dismissal because employers do not want to be in the limelight of employing a possible abuser.

The legislation is flawed and discriminates against the innocent not the guilty. Those who wish to abuse can always find a way to do so.The CRB was just yet another ill thought out piece of legislation to appease the baying mob through very unfortunate and terrible events.This country is a democracy and such legislation should have been put before the people not the press.

Why is this idea important?

The alteration of the CRB or its scrapping would restore the civil liberties denied to many people.If we must have such checks for "peace of mind"lets have more common sense and less hysteria.


  1. My spouse has worked in schools for many years, and shortly before she was made redundant, she had had a Enhanced CRB disclosure check with no entries whatsoever. In trying to seek work, she wanted to register with several educational employment agencies, however at up to £60 each time for a new CRB check this was out of the question without income to cover the cost.
    Agencies are saying that their clients are refusing to accept recent CRB disclosures, unless obtained by the Agency proposing the employee.
    The consequence is that she is still looking for work after more than a year.
    It is not good enough to say that the new online checking system will come into operation this spring. The injustices are real and present – the Government has continually fudged the issue, we don’t have a fit and proper system, the Jobcentres and DWP go through the motions but don’t care about the CRB problems that Government created.

    The way that millions of people have been roped into the CRB disclosure system, when their contact with children / vulnerable adults is often tenuous or for just in case, is an acceptable intrusion by the State. The costs to individuals, and to businesses, and to the public sector employers is colossal, and is causing a worsening of our National Debt.

    I also don’t agree with inclusion of unsubstantiated allegations or rumours being included in disclosures, In the interests of both Civil Liberty, and of Human Rights this really needs the provision of a judicial review to enable challenges against ANY misleading and incorrect information so disclosed.


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