The disability living allowances need to be revised.  The rules are arbitrary and illogical.  For example.  If you are disabled and receive the higher level mobility allowance, you can’t claim for the lower level care component after the age of 65.  If you are over 65, you can’t claim for the disability living allowance, only the attendance allowance. But if you receive a disability mobility allowance, you can’t claim the attendance allowance, only the higher level (and much more restrictive) upper level living allowance.  Why???  These rules make no sense at all and need to be changed.

Why is this idea important?

Allowances should be based on people's needs, not their age.

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  1. totally agree with what your saying i live in Wales and i thing there should also be a middle rate mobility component there’s hell of a difference between low rate and high rate but nothing in the middle ive even wrote to the prime minister for help regarding this matter

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